Fred “Skippy” BrownCrossFit Level 1 Coach

    Fred has always been an athlete, competing in sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, karate, football, track and field, and most recently boxing.  As Fred graduated college, started his career in IT, and started a family; he realized that being a “weekend warrior” was never going to give him the level of overall fitness and health he desired.

    Fred was introduced to CrossFit through a friend as a way to take his fitness to another level.  As a natural competitor, Fred was intrigued by the entire concept of CrossFit.  After his first intro class at CFJC, he was hooked.  Extrinsically, CrossFit offered Fred a fun and safe environment to exercise his competitive spirit with like-minded individuals, improving his overall fitness level.  On an intrinsic level, CrossFit has allowed Fred to come out of his shell and meet some great people that he otherwise would never have known.

    Fred has always been one of the athletes that motivates and drives other athletes through difficult WODs so coaching seemed like a natural progression to him. After helping out as a coach for a few Endurance classes, Fred discovered that he had a love for seeing others accomplish new goals and assisting in their athletic development.  In August of 2013, Fred received his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certificate.