Dan “MFCEO” SturmOwner/Head Coach

As a former-firefighter, Dan built his strength and stamina through traditional body building routines, running and the usual cardio machines. After years of globo gymming where he felt he was working harder with no further results, he experimented with martial arts and bodyweight exercises.

While researching bodyweight exercises on internet forums he first heard about CrossFit on posts that used strange terms such as “WOD” and “AMRAP.” After pouring over the CrossFit site and the exercise demos, he started using CrossFit methods to train in late 2007. He attended his Level 1 CrossFit Cert in April of 2008. Dan was introduced to the Olympic lifts through CrossFit and attended his CF Olympic certification in August of 2008. Shortly after his certification, he competed in the USAW and won his division as a master’s division athlete.

Before CFJC opened in 2011, Dan coached people out of his garage since and also coached members at a local CrossFit box during 2009. He received his CrossFit Kids certification in July of 2010, and in 2012 he earned his USAW Coaching certificate,USAPL Club Coach, DVG America Schutzhund Helper 3 certification, and his CrossFit Mobility certification.

Dan holds a state record for the 181# bodyweight Masters (40/44) “Raw” Squat at (402lbs) and “Equipped” Bench Press at (352lbs).
When not coaching lifters or living the “Dad Life” Dan can be found diving the vast cave systems of N Florida.

Dan can be reached at 770-231-6370.