Andres RojasCrossFit Level 1 Coach

    Originally from Colombia, Andres grew up with sports and played Soccer, Volleyball, Track and Field, and Basketball. While pursuing his Engineering degree, Andres stayed active using traditional methods. However, because he felt he wasn’t able to attain the level of fitness he wanted to reach using traditional methods, he added running, obstacle racing, and calisthenics into his regimen. His research into other methods led him to CrossFit.

    In August of 2012 Andres tasted his first CrossFit workout and has not turned back. He especially enjoys the competitiveness, the team encouragement, the constant improvement, and the reward of testing your body’s limits. A year later, Andres received his Crossfit level 1 trainer certification.

    At CFC, you can expect to see Andres coaching with a smile (always!), talking about upcoming competitions, and encouraging others through being an example for new members. You can also expect to see other coaches often use him as their “demo boy” whenever they can since his form and mobility are just stupid-good!