Akram “AK” IbrahimCrossFit Level 1 Coach

    AK grew up playing Baseball, Soccer and Lacrosse through High School. He was a Varsity Captain for Chattahoochee Lacrosse and then moved on to play four years of lacrosse for Georgia Tech. He spent his college career playing against strong SEC and ACC teams like UGA, Florida State, Virginia Tech and playing other teams from all over the country including Buffalo, Texas A&M, Boston and many more.

    In the summer of 2011, he was introduced to CrossFit while he was working at a big-box gym (rhymes with Fifetime Litness) as a way to stay in shape for the Lacrosse season. Shortly thereafter, he met Dan and Lara and the rest, as they say, is history. AK has seen huge changes with CrossFit and has put on close to 20lbs of muscle in two years. Since graduating in May of 2013, AK now competes in CrossFit competitions and is “just trying to get good at everything.”
    AK started hanging around often (we called him our groupie) so we decided it was time for him to be a coaching intern. In August of 2013, he received his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certification.

    AK enjoys training, coaching, competing (if you’re interested in competing, talk to him!), programming, testing, mobilizing, and pushing himself to see what he’s capable of. If you ever need to find him, there’s a pretty good chance he’s already at CFJC as he is our resident CrossFit nerd.