Most of our members feel a difference in less than two weeks. Many of our members needing to lose weight start dropping their extra weight within their first month. Be consistent and you will see great results!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our members say about us…


I started at CFJC in November 2014. I was a fourth year med student with almost no time for myself.

Between clinical rotations, residency interview, and rotation, I didn’t really have a lot of time for my health. I would go to the gym about 3-4 times a week and do what most people did. I walked the treadmill and then (like most guys in their mid twenties). I did bicep curls and bench presses over and over and over again… Just to look bigger.

I was not doing myself any justice. One day while passing by my old high school I noticed CrossFit Johns Creek and wondered what it was all about. I remembered friends talking about CrossFit and some people loved it and other said that people who do CrossFit almost always get injured for life.

So I put on my big boy shorts and emailed Dan (the head coach/MFCEO) about the class and he invited me in for a free class. The initial class wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed the workout and got to sweat a little. So I said why not and I was hooked.

Every class challenges me in different ways: mentally, physically, and emotionally. There were workouts that were so hard that I could only use an unweighted barbell in order to finish the workout. But the entire time, the coaches had my back, figuratively and literally.

And the people you work out with?! They are some of the most amazing and driven people that I have ever met. From students to professionals, young to old, men and women alike.

In short, CFJC gave me much more than a simple membership. They gave me a new family. They gave me a new ethics system, confidence, and of course a “swole” new look. I am now an intern in residency in a different city, writing this review. But when I come home, I make sure I visit my biologic family and my CFJC family.

As for the injury part of crossfit… Check your ego at the door, know your limits, and seriously: listen to coaches (they know what they’re doing).

–Pranam K.


I started at CrossFit Johns Creek two years ago because I was ready for a change. I was creeping up on 50 and I wanted to find a workout routine that I would enjoy; one that I wouldn’t get bored with and I could easily fit into my busy schedule. I had heard good things about CFJC from friends and I was lucky enough to meet Dan because our daughters where on the same competitive cheer team. I didn’t have any specific weight loss or strength goals. Basically I just wanted to improve my overall fitness.

Within the first three months I had lost 20lbs and continue to slim down replacing fat with muscle. I have significantly increased my strength, cardio and mobility. I have truly been able to bring my overall fitness to a level where I am able to go out and perform at any activity, whether it be yard work, exercise or sports without becoming fatigued or concern of serious injury.

In addition to feeling great physically, I have met many really good people and coaches at CFJC who I look forward to seeing. The coaches truly help motivate all the athletes to accomplish more than they could on their own and for me it’s a big part of what makes the whole experience extremely rewarding.

And BTW, I did notice today that I cut 2 min’s off my “Helen” time from a year ago and I didn’t do it as prescribed like I did today. I’m just happy to be feeling great and still be loving it after 2 years.

-Bob C

Our Success Stories

Alan P. started at the same time as his daughter, Hailey (above). Although we have yet been able to get him to put his story together in words, the results here speak for themselves!


The difference between a Junior in High School and a Senior in High School isn’t very big. I’ve never been a big guy but since we were all roughly the same size back then, I didn’t have to be big; I got to be good at lacrosse by just being naturally athletic.

That ALL changed in college: the difference between an 18/19 year old and a 23 year old was really different. College players were all athletic, big, talented… I had to make a change if I ever wanted any playing time.

I walked into CrossFit Johns Creek to try and find something to change up my off season training. I wanted to actually train to be an athlete, not just pretend to be one. Immediately I started seeing huge improvements, and so did my team once we got back to school. All the power I was generating with cleans was transferring to power on the field. The mental and physical fatigue at the end of a workout was mimicking the 4th quarter and I was able to push through. I put on ~15 # of good weight and started running faster, hitting harder, I became more mobile, and it was all from the principles that I learned from CrossFit.

Weighing in around 165#, cycling 225# power cleans was translating into keeping 210# guys from scoring. Pistol squats and weighted lunges were giving me stability to not get pushed out of bounds when I was running down the sideline. And it was more than just lifting that I learned: I learned proper breathing techniques so I wasn’t redlining in games anymore… I learned bracing so when I hit guys out on the field, I stayed standing… and I was having fun doing it. As an athlete, the competitive draw of CrossFit is irresistible, and I’m glad I found CrossFit Johns Creek to teach me the right way.

I played four years of lacrosse for Georgia Tech, worked out with CFJC all along the way, and now I get to keep showing up to alumni games in shape and ready to play because CF keeps you ready for anything, in season and off season.


Our Success Stories

I am 62 years old and after 4 stages of lymphoma cancer with chemo, having a stem cell transplant, contracting diabetes in the process and weighing in at a hefty 220 lbs, I needed to do something to get back in shape and take care of myself. I entered a biggest loser contest in my neighborhood and a few of the guys told me about CrossFit. I joined CFJC in January 2012 and quickly found out how out of shape I had become.

When I first started, lifting the 45lb bar was a struggle and in fact, most of the WOD’s were very difficult for me. I have stuck with the program and with the help of Lara, Dan, Mike, AK and Ronda, I started a journey of continuous improvement. The coaches are absolutely great. They helped me to scale my workouts, making sure I was doing everything with proper technique. The coaches helped me to improve at every step and never pushed me beyond what I could handle at the time.

I can emphatically say that changing my diet and attending Crossfit has improved my life considerably. My success has been in losing 32lbs, adding muscle weight and being in better condition. But the REAL success of this journey is that I am cancer free and after injecting insulin three times a day, I went from being a type II diabetic, to pre-diabetic and finally to being off ALL diabetic medications and now control it with diet and exercise.

As I said, I am 62 yrs old and if I can do this, I believe anyone can. I am the poster child for CrossFit Johns Creek.

Jeff M.

Our Success Stories

CrossFit Johns Creek has become my second home. I remember the day that I sent an email to Lara in November of 2012. I had just finished up my varsity cross-country season and was looking for a program to help me become stronger. At 15 years old, I was still struggling through an eating disorder that had conquered me for over a year. There I was – 5’5, 105lbs, anorexic, depressed, and overtaken by anxiety. I was ready to make myself better – healthier.

From the day that I walked into Crossfit Johns Creek I have transformed completely. I have gained around 30 pounds of muscle in a little under two years, but that isn’t even close to all. I gained a community, family even. I gained a stress reliever. I gained a healthy addiction. I gained confidence. But most importantly I gained a gym full of people that I love with all of my heart.

I have watched myself transform from a living skeleton to a strong and determined woman. One lesson that I have learned is that you get out what you put in.

Shannon I

A year ago I had just lost a baby, was depressed and not happy with my physique. After 6 months of being unhappy I decided to do something about it. After researching different physical activities and talking to my best friend, who is a die-hard CrossFitter I decided to give CrossFit Johns Creek a try. I was terrified so much so that I had to be coaxed out of my car so I would walk in the door.

I walked into CFJC and that is when my life changed. Since joining CFJC I’ve lost 40lbs, gained 4 or so pounds of muscle and dropped 6 dress sizes. Although the physical benefits are excellent and I love them, I have to say they aren’t my favorite part about joining CFJC. I’ve gained so much more than just physical strength. I’ve gained sisters, brothers, courage, self-confidence and I’ve learned what it means to not be afraid to reach for your full potential. I thank God every day for bringing the CFJC family into my life. So to everyone who is at home afraid, I say take the first step and just walk through the door because you will gain so much more than you bargain for.

Our Success Stories
Our Success Stories
Our Success Stories


Note: Looking better is a side effect of being able to DO more work. Below left is a pic of Tay’s first overhead movement at 55lbs, below right is the same movement months later with 115lbs on the bar! Tay was one of those women that came in not really wanting to lift weights and now she celebrates every personal record with a little dance.

She is also now one of our athletes that competes in a barbell sport, Powerlifting! Certainly something she did not foresee herself ever doing the day she walked into CFJC!

Our Success Stories

I recently passed my one year anniversary at CFJC and it is exciting to look back on all the ways my life has changed!

Prior to CrossFit Johns Creek I was a member of LA Fitness, but struggled to keep a regular workout routine.  I was intimidated when I wanted to try and lift weights, and hated cardio so the treadmill and elliptical were my enemy.  I usually went for about two months and then sat on the couch for three months, defeated.  That cycle repeated itself for about six years.

I found CFJC in September of last year and immediately fell in love.  I look forward to working out every single day!  Prior to CrossFit, I was “skinny fat” and weighed just over 100 lbs.

I have gained 7 lbs of muscle in less than a year, and feel better than I ever have.  Not only am I stronger and more confident, I have gained a family of friends and a strong support system. Thanks to all of the coaches for pushing me to do things I never thought possible!

Janna D.

Our Success Stories

The birth of my first child was a huge catalyst for me in my fitness journey. I was fitted with my first pair of running shoes and I started attending a ‘body sculpt’ class two times a week at a local gym. When I look back at old photos from those days, I see someone who looked ‘lean’ but truly had no muscle mass and I was probably close to a running injury as that’s all I did was run long, slow distance. And in all honesty, I was bored of doing the same routines in classes that weren’t really making a difference in my ability as a runner.

Flash forward to my fitness game changer…a friend invited me to attend a class at Crossfit Johns Creek…. it was love at first WOD honestly (well, once I caught my breath…). I LOVE the ‘constantly varied’ workouts that CFJC offers and how it has changed my body.

I NEVER walk away from training at CFJC feeling unchallenged or bored…and I have so much fun wodding with my group of ‘strong mama’ friends!! My training at CFJC has taught me that I am much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for and those gains have completely changed the way I run.

At 38 years old I have PRd my last three half marathons running them all sub 2 hours (that wasn’t happening before CFJC people! ;). This year I am running my first full marathon…my goal is to finish strong. And I know I will. I think there’s a theme here, strong…STRONG…I love feeling strong. I love being strong, it’s pretty darn empowering for this married mama of three. :)

Crossfit Johns Creek is a diverse community, which I love and I am inspired and motivated and encouraged by this community which I wholeheartedly adopt as my family. Next up.triathlons!

Val L.

Our Success Stories

When I first looked into joining a CrossFit gym, I thought I was only going to do it for a couple of months to kick start my weight loss. However, after my first WOD, I knew this was not going to be a couple months relationship. CrossFit has changed me physically and mentally. I have a better understanding of how my body should function and how to fuel it for optimal energy and results.

The first day I walked into CFJC I met both Dan and Lara. Dan made it clear that they are serious about CrossFit, and want all of their members to feel the same way. I could tell immediately that this was the place for me. I joined CFJC October 1, 2011. I also adopted the Paleo lifestyle in January 2012. With in this time I have lost close to 20 lbs, gained over 2 lbs of lean muscle, and decreased my body fat by close to 6%. I am truly in the best shape of my life.

Growing up I was what you would consider “the fat kid” who would lose their breath after running more than 100 meters. I did get into working out more in college. I was one of the girls walking up to the elliptical with my magazine in hand and headphones in my ears. Back then I would laugh at the thought of doing pull ups and climbing a rope, but now it is an everyday accomplishment.

Because of Dan and Lara’s coaching and encouragement, I decided to get into Powerlifting competitions. I am about to compete in my third competition for the year. There is no question in my mind that CrossFit is the best type of workout anyone could get. I will never work out any other way. CrossFit is an integral part to my everyday life…and I LOVE IT!

Tiffany H.

Our Success Stories

I started at CrossFit Johns Creek in July 2013. At the time, I thought I was in “good enough” shape. I’ve been running my entire adult life with about a 10:30/mile pace. However, I did know it was time for a change. I was getting bored of the same running path, the treadmill, the elliptical and the same classes at the gym. I didn’t feel challenged.

CFJC completely opened my eyes to a new way of working out. Now, every time I work out I feel like I have accomplished something new and pushed myself. I never get bored and it’s never easy! I have cut my mile time down to an 8 minute mile and just did my very first pullup….ever……in my entire life. I’ve also never lifted weights until I joined CFJC and I surprise myself every time I lift.


Our Success Stories

I have lost 53 lbs since May of this year. My body fat % went from 39% to 23%. I have gained some muscle. My tennis game has improved immensely, especially my mobility and explosiveness. Overall, I feel so much better and I really enjoy the instructors and my fellow Crossfitters every time I work out. For the first time in my life, I look forward to my workouts.

Don N.

Our Success Stories

I walked in the door at CFJC on April 2, 2012 (6 weeks before becoming a first time Dad) at 204 lbs at 19.2% body fat after 10+ years of “globo gym” lifting solo. Today (November 8, 2012), I’m 188lbs @ 13% body fat. I am lighter, faster (relatively speaking), and stronger than I can remember. Every day I walk in the door for a WOD adds unknown time on my life to spend with my wife, son, and friends. I owe endless gratitude to Dan, Lara. Ronda, and all the other CFJC coaches and members who’ve pushed and continue to push each of us to become better, healthier, happier people.

Josh L.

Our Success Stories

CrossFit helps me be the person I always wanted to be: healthy, strong, and toned. CrossFit Johns Creek is a great community of athletes that train their members with personalization and care. I will be a member for life.

Laura S.

Our Success Stories

I wanted to “get in shape” prior to my 40th birthday, but what happened is I completely transformed my body. In less than a year, I lost 60 lbs and cut my BMI in half. My results are beyond my wildest dreams.

Lance H.

Our Success Stories

Since January, I have lost: * 60 total pounds * 25% of my body weight * 41% of pure body fat * 15 inches in my waist * 10 dress sizes * several medications and health issues * excuse after excuse after excuse.

I have gained back: * self-confidence * energy to play with my son or just conquer the day * a new outlook on what it means to be healthy * a level of fitness that allows me to participate in an infinite number of other activities * mental strength * a box that pushes me to never give up, reminding me that I’m stronger than I believe every single day * a world-wide community where everyone has value, acting on the belief that the slowest and weakest are just as worthy as the fastest and strongest * a place to forget (or beat out) the insanity of real life, if even for an hour * most importantly, friends who understand that last statement. Thank you.


So I began at CrossFit Johns Creek in April 2013, three months after having my third baby. I was in pretty bad shape after being pregnant 3x in the matter of five years. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life by far, and I felt like one of those women on Biggest Loser who talk about being trapped inside of a fat person’s body. I felt embarrassed and awful about how I looked and how I felt. In my life prior to being a mom, I had always exercised at one of those big name globo gyms….(yeah I said it!) but the extent of the workouts were almost always cardio classes with a couple of bootcamp classes thrown in on those particularly ambitious weeks (which were few and far between). I had never participated in sports or serious training before.

Having moved to a new city and state for a new position in Atlanta, my goal was to lose the weight and get back to looking and feeling like myself before I went back to work from Maternity leave. My dear old hubby continuously told me (painstakingly… every day at length) about the benefits of CrossFit and all of the scientific mumbo-jumbo behind it. Finally I tried it………..OMG!

Holy crap, it was literally like nothing I’ve ever done before in my life! I would come home from the gym lightheaded and ask Steven if it was normal for my brain to be buzzing during a WOD?

Crossfit Johns Creek has literally changed my life. I have lost over 15lbs since I started, and regained my sense of self which is easily lost when you’re running around with three kids who are always reminding you who the real boss of the house is. I feel great, I look good (still working on it), and I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in years. The coaches are amazing and each coach has unique skills that they bring to each class. I can’t wait to see what PR’s and skills I’ll be able to achieve in 2014!

Thank you all for helping me on this journey!


I joined CFJC in June of 2012 and have gained over 5lbs of muscle and lost 2% body fat. Like so many women, I’ve had body image issues in the past. Skinny was never skinny enough. When I would exercise and eat, the goal was to be thin –not fit. I heard about CrossFit from a friend who encouraged me to try it. I did and will never look back! Physically my body has changed, but what surprised me the most was how it transformed the way I think about health, fitness, and beauty. For the first time I appreciate my body for what it can do and not what it looks like. When I started, I could not do any of the WODs unscaled, and guess what? I still can’t. But I’ll be damned if I am not getting closer every single day. With patience and the support/guidance of my coaches and CFJC family, I know it is only a matter of time. I am stronger and more confident than ever thanks to Crossfit – and that is a beautiful thing.

Sarah D.

After high school sports and military PT tests were no longer there for motivation, I became pretty comfortable with an unhealthy lifestyle. By the time I walked into CFJC almost 18 months ago, I was ready to make a change and “get back in shape.” I called Dan to ask about a membership, and he told me to drop in on a class and try it out. My first WOD was “Fran.”  I had no idea what a thruster, kipping pull-up or a “Fran” was, but that didn’t matter. I knew 10 minutes later, lying on the floor panting, while the other members congratulated and encouraged me, that I wanted more. Today, at 35 years old, I am stronger, faster, and more mobile than I have ever been. This has proven to be advantageous in my professional and family life as well, giving me the extra energy, focus and stamina it takes to stay ahead. But regardless of the results, the experience and down to earth coaching style of the staff, coupled with the friendships and camaraderie I share with the other members make it impossible for me to imagine training anywhere else. For the first time in my life, I look forward to being at the gym, even the 6AM class.


I’ve added about 20% to all of my lifts since I started in June of 2011, even though I was a pretty experienced lifter when I got here. The instruction and motivation from the coaches and other athletes is great, but the best aspect of CFJC is the community. I hate to miss a workout, because its’ like missing my family. The other athletes inspire me, and make me push myself beyond what I thought I could do.

Richie D.